Book Cover Design

We design book covers for both eBooks and print, and we have helped authors get the success their work deserves. Good book cover design is possibly the most important aspect of a published book as it can make or break a would-be reader’s decision to buy regardless of the quality of what’s inside.

An effective book cover should be professional in appearance and technically correct with regard to the formats in which it will appear. Keep in mind that a layout that works on Kindle may be problematic or incomplete in print.

Furthermore, it’s a sad fact of life that no matter how brilliant your novel or non-fiction work may be, potential readers can easily dismiss your book if the cover is not attractive, ‘on message’ or, even subliminally, amateurish.

Check out our portfolio for examples of our designs and contact us for more details.

Book Design For Print

For the best, most professional results, both your cover and interior file should be created specifically by a designer with print experience for upload to your print-on-demand (POD) service such as Createspace or Ingram Spark.

Yes, you can let Kindle Direct Publishing automatically generate a Createspace product from your eBook formatted .mobi or .epub file, and you can let Ingram Spark do the same. However, automated eBook to print conversion leaves much to be desired when it comes to avoiding major typesetting errors that break the flow of your book and make it harder to read.

Our years of experience in print layout mean your print book’s interior can benefit from consistent, professional layout and design.

On the outside, print production is far less forgiving than the eBook – there are spine widths, margins and bleed to consider down to the last millimeter, critical bar code placement, and resolution issues – and mistakes can be expensive to fix if you have ordered multiple copies or your chosen POD service charges extra to upload new files.

Our experience and eye for fine detail will give you a print cover you will be proud to see on the shelf at home and, for self-publishing authors, books that book stores will be happy to stock on their shelves.