Business Communications Management produces book trailers for use by authors to promote their books on You Tube and by embedding the You Tube video on their own websites.

Book trailers are an impressive way for writers to capture potential readers’ attention. The best way of describing a book trailer is ‘a movie trailer for your novel or book’. The producers of movies or documentaries are just like you as an author – they have a story to tell and they use the traditional movie trailer to excite and entice viewers. You – the author – also have a story to tell, so why shouldn’t you do the same to excite and entice readers?

Our philosophy is reflected in the trailers we produce – they should be cinematic in style and capture the sweep and scope of your work.

A book trailer is an especially useful promotional tool for self-published or independent authors who do not have the promotional backing of a major publishing company. Even authors with the major companies will find promotional budgets do not usually extend to trailers.

The Package

  • Images & stock footage (*)  Up to 15 stills/footage with effects
  • Choice of soundtracks (**)
  • Titles with effects
  • Advanced image adjustment
  • No of revisions included – Up to four
  • Cost: $250

Add Ons:

  • ‘Out soon’ & ‘out now’ versions  Add $20
  • Animated gif Add $5
  • Custom YouTube Thumbnail Add $10

A detailed brief is required. We will provide a checklist for you so you don’t forget anything.

You may also provide your own images (subject to copyright) and must provide your book cover art image in a suitable format.

*/** Still images, footage and audio included in the price are drawn from specific online libraries. See below for further details.

What You Get In Detail

Images and stock footage: Still images and stock footage are selected from specific commercial stock libraries (1) and are used to depict and represent characters, situations or other aspects of your book. We show you a selection of potential images by providing a link to an online gallery or folder we put together based on the checklist and information you give back to us at the start of the process. Seen an image or footage you just have to have in another stock library? Let us know. If we can’t bundle it in the package price, we can at least obtain it for you at cost. Stock footage may also include use of public domain film footage when appropriate. You may also supply your own images or footage but be aware their use may be subject to copyright if you didn’t create them yourself. The effects we will add may include panning, zooming, fading and tinting.

Soundtracks: We use stock music for soundtracks and send you to a website where you can easily audition the type of music you want and find the perfect track for your trailer. You may also supply your soundtrack music but, once again, be aware its use may be subject to copyright.

Titles: The words on the screen will be based on your book’s blurb and other information you give us about the story. The effects we will use on the titles may include panning, zooming and fading. The typeface (font) we select will be one we feel suits your book based on the information you give us or you can specify a particular font to use if we have it. Otherwise, if it is not a free font, we may be able to purchase it for you at cost price. You may also supply a font if it turns out we don’t have your preference but, once again, be aware its use may be subject to copyright.

Advanced image adjustment: This applies to the still images and refers to adjustments such as deep etching (‘extracting’ or cutting out a figure from its background to allow another background to show) and spot colourisation (such as changing a photo model’s hair or eye colour, or the colour of their clothing).

‘Out soon’ & ‘out now’ versions: Creation of 2 versions of the trailer with different publication statements, one to use prior to publication (‘coming soon’ or similar statement) and one to use after publication (‘out now’ or similar statement).

Animated gif: An animated gif can be produced from a section of your trailer for use on a website or on social media. The physical dimensions are a scaled version of the trailer, eg. 1920 x 1080 becomes 300 x 169 or 150 x 84.

Number of revisions: The number of times we can make changes to a trailer. If you see 3 things you want to change, we do them in the same set of changes and that counts as 1 revision. Revisions close off when your trailer is released to the public.

Custom Thumbnail: Want a custom thumbnail for your trailer on YouTube? It’s an affordable extra cost option.

(1) For more about motion footage and still images, see our blog post here.