A Good Image Doesn’t Always Come Cheap

 In Book Trailers, Media

Access to good stock motion footage at budget prices has decreased in recent years due to the absorption of smaller libraries by the major brands. As a result, choices of motion footage for our book trailers are somewhat limited within the library we include in our packages.

The same is true of still photos to an extent. It’s hard to believe one of the biggest names in online stock photography sold images in the early 2000s for less than a dollar each. Today, their site is an expensive subsidiary of a major stock photography brand whose history goes back to pre-internet.

More recently, a popular dollar stock photo site was bought out by a global imaging software giant with designs on rivaling the above legacy major. They allowed subscriptions to run out then closed the dollar library down. Prior subscribers were then offered short term discounts on packages with vastly inflated prices.

Technology often makes things cheaper but things are going in the opposite direction when it comes to images.

We keep offering book trailer packages at affordable prices by keeping up with what’s available within budget, and even occasionally by shooting images and motion footage ourselves. We’ll also go the extra mile with imaginative manipulation of what’s available to make it suit your needs.

But please be aware that sometimes we can’t get exactly what you want and still offer such affordable trailer packages!


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