The End Of An Era?

 In Media

In the week in which Rupert Murdoch and his much-younger third wife Wendi Deng have announced their intent to divorce, Murdoch’s flagship UK tabloid The Sun is also potentially heading for a separation of sorts.

A push is on to finally do away with the newspaper’s ‘Page Three Girls’, the semi-nude models that were introduced by Murdoch and are a virtual trademark of the masthead, along with its regular YELLING in CAPITAL LETTERS to make a POINT in the body copy of various stories.

In yesterday’s UK Telegraph, Isabel Hardman makes her own point about the issue:

 If you want to rid print of images and influences that damage women’s self-esteem, what about fashion and lifestyle magazines? There is something comforting about the women in The Sun, because unlike their vogueish colleagues who keep their clothes on for catwalk shows, they’re in pretty robust health. Big boobs mean big hips and soft abs, not a collection of bones and a sickly pallor. A page three-sized girl is probably no stranger to the odd pie and perhaps even a cheeky bowl of pasta. Haute couture models, on the other hand, regularly end up on drips so they can stay alive while maintaining the skeletal figures demanded by teeny-tiny sample sizes. Surely the irony cannot be lost on Ms Lucas that women might hate men salivating over The Sun, but they lap up glossy magazines jammed with size-zero models and absurd diets. With tips for holding on to a man and how to behave on a date, they project the same unrealistic view of bodies and relationships that leave women feeling crashingly dissatisfied with both.

Murdoch, of course, publishes many fashion and lifestyle magazines as well as The Sun.

His influence on society as well as mass media has been incalculable.

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